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Private Beta: 0.8.05

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:06 pm
by joh
Hello everyone! Welcome to Dungeon Deities!

We've just sent the invitation links out, and we are looking forward to your Dungeons and feedback!

The Launcher gives you a larger overview about the most important changes in the last version. You won't have much context for this, of course, but for completeness' sake:

  • Overhauled and improved Condition system
  • Fixed several bugs regarding enemy AI
  • Improved standard atmosphere and fog settings
  • Added "Heat Haze" effect.
  • Fixed crash on mashing "room reset" button.
  • Inventory was not correctly updated upon dungeon completion
  • Corrected fog behaviour of tiles and walls.
  • Fixed wrong "Puzzle solved" trigger upon entering room with previously solved puzzle.

If you find a bug, offensive content, or anything else that shouldn't be, don't hesitate: Hit [F12] and report it! (You can also report from the ingame menu).

We will post about larger bugs that we are aware of in the forums.

Have fun, and all the best!
Tim & Joh