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Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:10 am

Look at that! It's a new update for Dungeon Deities!
Are you excited?

Previous versions will no longer be able to connect to the Server. Better update the game!
  • If you use the Launcher, then the game will update automatically (and if it does not, restart the Launcher. Does not help? Maybe your Antivirus is stopping the download - try the manual download)
  • If you do the whole thing yourself, head over to the "Download Client"-page, and download the newest Version (v 0.8.07).
This update only fixes bugs, and introduces no new features. Sorry!

Here's what changed. A detailed list with information for most of the bugs is posted here.

  • FIXED: Crash on Game Exit after using Gearfield
  • FIXED: Crash during Loadout change with Gearfield
  • FIXED: Treasure chests with keys would sometimes spawn as if they were already opened
  • FIXED: Locked doors could open without ever being opened by player
  • FIXED: Treasure chests could appear opened without ever having been opened
  • FIXED: Enemies won't spawn under certain conditions
  • FIXED: Chests could be opened (and doors opened, signs read, etc.) from across gaps
  • FIXED: Tiles that hurt (lava, spiky floors, etc.) would hurt player too soon
  • FIXED: It was possible to get stuck in a door if it closed in an event
  • FIXED: Some [HOLD] conditions did not work as expected
  • FIXED: Cannot move ontop of block that fell down
  • FIXED: Blocks pushed appear to hover
  • FIXED: Sound from pushing block sometimes continued playing
  • FIXED: Bridges did not spawn correctly when used in combination with fenced tiles
  • FIXED: Bridges did not appear if gaps (fields with no tiles) had a height set in Room Editor
We are aware that some of these bugs made some of the Dungeons you have created impossible to finish, and therefore verify. Apologies! Hopefully, they all work now.
If it makes you feel better, one of my own Dungeons ("Mental Maze") suffered the same fate - it can now be played. It's pretty big. Better remember where locked doors are.
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