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Closed Beta: v0.8.09

Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:04 am

A new release is ready! Are you as excited as I am?
If you use the launcher, the game will update itself next time you start it. Otherwise, you'll have to update manually, by redownloading the current version from the Download Client page! (The link will only work if you're logged in - you'll find it in the Top Bar after logging in)
v0.8.08 will work for a little while longer, but soon, you'll have to update!

Here's the fixes:

  • FIXED: Second active Orb could only be used at Level 10
  • FIXED: It was possible to get stuck in certain items, like signs
  • FIXED: Player did not correctly fall down on items
  • FIXED: It was possible to go out-of-bounds in the Overworld
  • Orb and Gear loadout are now preserved when moving from dungeon to overworld (Orbs that cannot be used during Verification will be de-equipped)
  • FIXED: Orb slots where incorrectly colored during certain points
  • FIXED: Equipment mix-up after reentering throne room after a journey
A more detailed, and always up-to-date list, can be found in the Announcement forum.
Thank you for the Support, and we really hope you continue to enjoy playing! Good to have you.
Developing the Client.

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