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Closed Beta: v0.8.11

Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:15 pm

Do you feel this exciting energy in the air? That's because there's a new update available!

If you use the launcher, the game will update itself next time you start it. Otherwise, you'll have to update manually, by redownloading the current version from the Download Client page! (The link will only work if you're logged in - you'll find it in the Top Bar after logging in)
v0.8.09 will work for a little while longer, but soon, you'll have to update! v0.8.08 will not work any longer.
If you updated to v0.8.10 (was online for a few hours), then that version will also no longer work.

Here's the fixes:

  • FIXED: Leaving a dungeon via ingame menu is now treated correctly (and won't grant XP any longer)
  • FIXED: Lighting was wrong for some heightened tiles
  • FIXED: Sounds - usually from Wizard-created projectiles - would continue playing after death
  • HUD-changes: Keys, gold and global conditions are no longer shown in the Overworld
  • FIXED: Finishing a dungeon did not replenish health
  • FIXED: A "fall-to-death" was triggered too early
  • FIXED: When hitting "Reset Room" with the right timing during the fall-animation, the player would respawn in a tiny size
  • FIXED: It was possible to walk onto certain NPCs
  • FIXED: Sometimes, wrong Gear was equipped after using Gearfield and changing the Orb Loadout ingame
  • FIXED: Added a few more sanity checks for safety reasons
  • FIXED: A few potential, but not yet reported, crashes
  • FIXED: It was possible to "miss" a levelup if it occured when leaving a dungeon from the ingame menu
  • Added more automatically sent reports
  • Added more logging functionality for investigating rare crash bugs
We are still investigating somewhat rare crashes. This version writes more information into "acklog.txt". If you have enountered crashes before, please consider redownloading the Launcher, or to start the game with the command line option "-diag".
Thank you!
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