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Open Beta (R1) - v0.8.15

Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:07 pm

A new update!

This updates fixes a few bugs, including some that were discovered in the new features yesterday. Apologies!

If you use the launcher, the game will update itself next time you start it. Otherwise, you'll have to update manually, by redownloading the current version from the Download Client page! (The link will only work if you're logged in - you'll find it in the Top Bar after logging in)
Version v0.8.14 can still connect, but perhaps not much longer! You'll want to update soon, I bet.

Here's what changed:

  • FIXED: When using the increased difficulty spice, enemies might be duplicated that should not be there.
  • FIXED: The equipped items would not correctly show in the status screens from automatic re-equipping of the last loadout
  • FIXED: Crashes in Orb Loadout Screen, as well as unspecific texts and descriptions
  • FIXED: A strange timing error could cause crashes regarding invalid pointers
  • FIXED: Crash when making a screenshot (or filing a report)
  • FIXED: In certain room arrangements, it was impossible to push a block down the abyss
  • FIXED: Unexpected behaviour with Orbs after using Gearfield, up to subsequent crashes
  • FIXED: Potential crashes or other unexpected behaviour after pushing that subsequently fell
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