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Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:32 am
by joh

In this thread, I keep you updated on the issues I'm already aware of, as well as the steps I've undertaken to fix them. I'll reply to this topic periodically, adding new updates.

Fixed before July 24th, 2017:

  • Very rare, sporadic crashes when starting to push a block. Probably fixed. This was an engine error related to 3D-sounds. Workaround deployed. Let me know if it happens again!
  • Adjusted enemy health and strength for a more enjoyable experience and better balancing
  • Fixed an issue with the "Lightning"-Orb effect: Lightning would appear offset from player
  • Fire set by Will-o-wisp enemy did not disappear when changing rooms. Fixed
  • Very rare, sporadic crashes when rapidly resetting rooms. Fixed.
  • It was possible to trigger a second Status-Ailment poem while the animation of the first was still playing, causing a minor mix-up. Fixed.
  • We have adjusted and notably lowered the drop rates for equipment. Finding gear is therefore a much more rare event.
    The chances where lowered from 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10% for each chest and subsequent loot piece to 20, 10, 5, 3 and 2% respectively.

  • A rare issue regarding AUTO-EQUIP was fixed that could cause subsequent crashes.
  • Crash on Game Exit after using Gearfield
    This crash appeared more serious than it was, and had to do with an accidental second attempt at removing the equipment items (though the second attempt did fail and threw that warning). This is fixed.

  • Crash during the Loadout change with Gearfield
    The reason for this crash was a mix-up in the reorganization of the player's inventory after putting items in storage. Hopefully fixed. :)

  • Treasure chests with keys would spawn as already opened chests if another key was recovered in that room and the room subsequently left and re-entered
    Treasure chests errorneously had the wrong indices set for the lookup to check if it had already been opened. Due to this, opening one treasure chest with a key in it would mark all of them in the room as opened. Fixed.

  • Locked doors could appear open, chests already opened, and enemies won't spawn under very particular circumstances
    This was an extremely rare bug, that has been fixed. Had to do with a wrong lookup regarding whether a particular item has been used before, and would only trigger if two subsequent rooms had just the right arrangement and sizes.

  • Chests could be opened from across tile gaps
    The range these interactions could be triggered has been reduced. Fixed.

  • It was possible to get stuck in a door if it closed during unfortunate circumstances
    A bug unfortunately broke the system moving enemies and the player away. It is now fixed and should trigger correctly. While we were at it, we also added a small effect.

  • [HOLD] conditions for buttons that are color mixtures (not red/green/blue) did not work as expected
    These conditions were errornously not marked as [hold]-condition. Fixed.

  • Cannot move ontop of a block that fell down onto a button
    This error occured as pushed blocks where placed a bit too high. Fixed.

  • Bridges are not spawned at fenced tiles
  • Client shows "corrupt" Overworld dungeon data, and that dungeon cannot be found
    This was a side effect of that happened if that dungeon featured a hint ghost at an unfortunate position.

  • Error message "Can't create alpha" or "Can't create DirectX texture"
    This is an issue that has been reported several times now, but I still cannot get to reliably trigger. I have added logging to potential problems (the client will sent an automatic report if this problem occurs), as well as fixed an issue that may have caused this: If true, then this is a mostly random pointer issue that occurs only at random moments when regenerating Orb-graphics or equipment graphics (happens, among other times, when entering the throne room). To check if that is the issue, I've asked all players who've reported this issue, so check your Bug reports! :) Update shipped with this change (hopefully a fix!) included.

  • Lifepoints do not increase after level-up unless relogged in
  • Statistics were skipped
    This was a rare issue with an incorrect order in which certain functions related to the communication of the results were called.

  • Crash when receiving Dungeon Stats
    This was a rare error of the server misinterpreting the received data due to a string not being correctly escaped.

  • Received orb does not appear unless logging out and relogging in
    This can be by design, if your current orb slots are all already filled. However, there was a bug that prevented you from receiving your Orb, as the necessary Inventory synchronization was not triggered. This should be fixed.

  • Player stuck in "grabbed" state (from Crab-enemy) after Death of Crab
  • Elements of the Overworld are visibly clipped too early when moving down the screen
  • Tutorial dungeon was too dark
  • Changed some text to clarify that the player's team is not chosen by them
  • Changed default selection for replaying a dungeon to "No"
  • Changed default selection when talking to Gearfield to "Change Loadout"
  • Slightly tweaked atmosphere settings
  • When creating a report, a screenshot is now saved locally. It is NOT uploaded automatically, however.
  • Due to rounding on the display, it was possible that a value of 0 was displayed for health before dying (in reality, this was just any value >0 and <0.5). The client now shows at least 1 if the health is >1
  • It was possible to get stuck from a Hint-Knight moving unfortunately. Should be fixed!
  • Speech bubble height now adjusts in Dungeon statistics if hint is longer than one line. Also fixed a small bug in the animation.
  • Karky (Crab enemy) has been nerfed: Less strength, less damage to player in grabbed state, and less health.
  • All invincible enemies now give more indication that they are invincible (either by a distinct "ping" sound (chargers), or by a clear "INVINCIBLE"-popup)

I'll try to keep you updated. Let me know if you have any questions!

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:50 pm
by joh

Issues fixed for v0.8.09

  • Second Active Orb could not be used for players with level lower than 10. Fixed.
  • It is possible to avoid falling down towards lower heights when moving ontop of an item. Fixed.
  • It is possible to get stuck in an item (most commonly a sign). Fixed.
  • It was possible to get Out-of-bounds in the Overworld. Fixed.
  • Added a small safeguard that fixes a potential gold exploit
  • It was possible to get stuck on a button if it was placed under certain conditions. Should be fixed.
  • Orb and gear loadout is now kept when switching mode (throne room, overworld, dungeon). This step also included preparations to store your loadout between sessions. No more re-equipping when starting the client soon!
  • When logging in after a previous game that you logged out of, the empty orb slots where not colored. These are the high-octane, amazing bugfixes you come here for.
  • After a journey, equipment and Orbs could get mixed up.
    I have identified an issue where this would occur if the loadout unexpectedly changed (e.g. due to very unfortunate theft timing). This should be fixed.

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:55 am
by joh
Issues fixed in v0.8.10 and v0.8.11:

  • Fixed an issue with wrong normal mapping of tiles in particular lighting situations
  • Sounds would continue playing after death (or other means of ending a dungeon). Should be fixed.
  • Keys, health and global conditions are no longer displayed in the HUD in the Overworld.
    Neither keys, nor money, drops on the overworld. Global conditions are also not used there. We have received several reports and questions regarding this - the HUD was badly designed that way. This should eliminate the confusion.
    Also, it gives us space we can use for the (hopefully coming soon!) Overworld expansion

  • Finishing a dungeon now grants full health
  • Falling on certain edge cases made the player fall to their death when they should barely land on solid ground. Fixed
  • Resetting a room while falling replaces player as a tiny version. Fixed (though it does look funny)
  • "Falling" sound not always played. Fixed
  • It is possible to walk ontop of certain NPCs
    This was an unfortunate error occuring due to unexpected behaviour of the engine we are using and it's built-in collision system (which we only use in a few situations). Hopefully fixed.

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:15 am
by joh
Fixed vor v0.8.12 & v0.8.13:

  • "Darkness"-Attack now features soft lighting
  • FIXED: Moving objects on trap tiles would not fall if the trap tile opened beneath them
  • Laser now longer visually "snaps" to receivers
  • Fixed: Falling down a pit sometimes placed player in wrong spot (high above the room, for example)
  • Fixed: Enemies would teleport towards the center of a tile when moving, resulting in unnatural, and unfair movement in rooms with lots of tiles at different heights
  • Fixed: Some passive Orb effects could increase player health above the maximum
  • Fixed: Leaving a dungon from the ingame-menu would cause a logout
  • Added more tiles

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:03 pm
by joh
Issues fixed for v0.8.14:

  • Fixed: It was possible to get stuck when moving down a ladder close to a heightened tile or wall
  • Fixed: It was possible to move through the pillar-decoration items
  • Fixed: Some equipped items would not appear visually on player
  • Fixed: Bridge-tiles at a height of just one higher than the player would be walked through instead of on
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, it was possible to get OOB using chests or other items on heightened tiles making up stairs
  • Fixed: Karky can grab the player through walls
  • Fixed: The game would sometimes crash when asking Chardonney to summon Hint Ghosts
  • Fixed: There was a small 2-frame window where a player death would not stop sounds from wizard attacks.
  • Fixed: If a user had only few Orbs, sometimes unassigned orb-slot images would appear at the top of the screen on the Orb Selection screen
  • Fixed: Gearfield would crash or result in very unpredictable behaviour when the storage approached full status
  • Fixed: Non-Subscription behaviour regarding the storage limit is now properly reflected ingame
  • Screenshots are now placed in the "screenshots"-folder. Did you know you can take one with [F6]?
  • Fixed: Particle effects would not disappear immediatly when switching rooms, or dying
  • A crash related to several rotators at a heightened position has been fixed
  • Fixed: Standing underneath a block that fell would not trigger the correct state, leaving the player stuck
  • Equipped gear is now stored on the server, so you don't have to do it every time!
  • Gear droprates have been lowered
  • Added a feature that allows subscribed players to seamlessly increase difficulty, hidden well in the Overworld!

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:47 pm
by joh
Issues fixed in v0.8.15:

  • FIXED: When using the increased difficulty spice, enemies might be duplicated that should not be there.
  • FIXED: The equipped items would not correctly show in the status screens from automatic re-equipping of the last loadout
  • FIXED: Crashes in Orb Loadout Screen, as well as unspecific texts and descriptions
  • FIXED: A strange timing error could cause crashes regarding invalid pointers
  • FIXED: Crash when making a screenshot (or filing a report)
  • FIXED: In certain room arrangements, it was impossible to push a block down the abyss
  • FIXED: Unexpected behaviour with Orbs after using Gearfield, up to subsequent crashes
  • FIXED: Potential crashes or other unexpected behaviour after pushing that subsequently fell

Re: Client: Currently known issues and what I work on

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:08 pm
by joh
Status on New Features & Fixes:

  • Adding new Decoration items
  • Implemented decoration & item placement on the upcoming Overworld feature
  • There is now a small animation on the player model when using an Orb
  • Changed the text when dying on the overworld to no longer imply that money was lost
  • Reduced slowdown from tiles (e.g. water-tiles) by 50%
  • The logo now fades out during the login-animation. (Yes, this important issue is finally fixed)

Issues currently being worked on:

  • Launcher problems
    The launcher is external software, so these issues are harder for us to debug. An overjealous virus scanner is at fault here. Please note that even this same virus scanner finds no threat in the game -- it's just that it immediatly finds downloading an .exe-file suspicious.
    The slow start of the launcher has been fixed.

  • Crash on Invitations
    Has been reported once. I did not manage to reproduce this yet.

  • Crash after using an Orb (Bubble Orb in particular)
    This might be related to the graphics generation, if the Orb broke from that use. Still investigating. If this happens to you, let me know!

  • Client crashes when loading Dungeon
    Possibly related to corrupt data from server? Should still not crash the client. Rechecking the Data check the client performs.
    Might be related to bridges. Added further safeguards when checking against possibly broken bridge-data
    Further investigations ongoing. Appears to be related to very specific dungeon setups, and possibly loading music. Further versions will add more diagnostic logging so that we can investigate reports of this more efficiently

  • Text input not possible
    Sometimes, possibly related to certain simultaneous button inputs, it is impossible to enter text. I managed to replicate this issue, but not yet reliably.
    This appears to happen when the client window has lost focus. Try alt-tabbing back and forth to fix this issue as a workaround!

Features on the horizon:
(Everything below is SUBJECT TO CHANGE and is not guaranteed to ever end up in the game!)

  • Large, procedural generated additional parts to the Overworld [extremely close]
  • These parts may be combined with some Kingdom-rivalry via a Tower-system
  • Larger textbox for reports