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Welcome to the "Violet News" forum!

Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:47 pm

Welcome! Glad to have you here!

This forum is intended as a platform for us to notify you of upcoming changes we're making to the game. For example, we may post screenshots and GIFs here of new features we're currently implementing. However, we do not have a set structure for these posts, and the update we're writing about may be big or small.
Generally speaking, any changes we consider "large" (either by volume of content added, or by its significance) we'll sticky to this forum.

You are very welcome to reply and discuss the changes with us. That is, after all, why we post them, to hear your thoughts and opinions. Everything here is up for debate and criticism, which we appreciate a lot. Please understand, however, that we cannot always take everyone's opinion into account, and that we may chose to implement things differently from the way you'd like it. You are then, of course, encouraged to let us know about it so we can work together to improve the game even further.

We post about bugfixes and other changes in the Release Note and Announcement forums.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your stay!
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